Welcome to My Driving Course UK

Learning to drive is quite an overwhelming experience. Signing up for a driving course is a very practical way to learn driving within the context of road rules and a natural traffic environment. Benefits of the course include reduced insurance premiums and new drivers being able to move faster through the graduated licensing system.

Our driving courses teach learners about the real and current issues taking place on roads within your locality. Along with updated rules and statistics, instructors will show you how to identify a high risk driver and the few important things you should watch out for when you are on the road. Furthermore, students are also educated about the risks of drunk driving, how to stay alert on the road and how to manoeuvre your vehicle. The main aim with our driving courses is to make students aware about the fact that driving is not a joke: it is a serious responsibility.

When it comes to practical training, we begin lessons with new drivers in an empty parking lot. Before we get you onto the road, you have to get comfortable with using the gas and brake pedals, moving forward and backward, and stopping at the right time. Turning, parking and road rules are secondary. At My Driving Course UK, we offer the best in driving lessons at absolutely reasonable prices because at the end of the day, every driving course completion certificate is the same. Therefore, we do not believe in charging premium rates for a certificate that any other driving institute could offer. Even with reasonable rates, we make sure that the quality of teaching is at its best.

At our institute, we train teachers to teach students driving theories in line with the corresponding practical. For example, if your in-class session is about the basics of reversing or parking, your next class should be a practical session to practice what you learned in the previous theory class. This way, students will better remember the tips mentioned in class. Furthermore, we advice our students to complete the course within the scheduled time (about a month or so) because by dragging out driving lessons, you tend to forget things and lose touch easily. Teachers at our institute also encourage students to practice at home what they have learned during their driving lessons. Spend about one hour every one or two days with a licensed and experienced driver and rehearse what the instructor taught you. If you do this regularly, when you come for your next lesson, you are thorough with the previous driving tips and are ready to move on to the next step.